Simplifying Car Finance

With a pre-approved loan from Link Finance, you’ll be able to get the best deal.

You need a new car, and have no spare cash? Looking to buy online from Trade Me, Auto trader, going to an auction, buying privately or from a registered trader then we are the people you need to talk to. Link Finance is able to quickly process your application and give you an answer so that you know what you can spend. We’ll sort out a pre-approved loan before you start looking so you can negotiate your way to a new vehicle as a cash buyer.
Don’t worry if other companies have turned you down for credit. We’ll look at all options available to get you back on the road. We will even consider NO DEPOSIT loans.
As part of the car financing process, it’s important that you are comfortable with the car loan you’re getting. To help ensure this we place an emphasis on fully explaining what’s involved in your loan application as simply and fully as possible.
We can also look at refinancing your existing Car loan if you believe you have financed at a high-interest rate or if the payments are too high and you would like to decrease them.


  • Interest rates From>>>>> 7.95 %
  • No or low deposit finance
  • Learner’s / International driver licence
  • Poor / Bad Credit Car Loan>>>>> (working Fulltime Only)
  • Work Visas Car Loan (3year)
  • Student Visas Car Loan (3year)
  • New Immigrant Car Loan
  • Fast & Easy Approval
  • Apply Now, Drive Today
  • We can help you find the perfect vehicle at wholesale price through our Dealer Network and save you thousands!


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