About Us

At Link Finance, we provide a range of loan and insurance solutions for individuals and businesses. We are an independent finance and insurance broker, so we are not tied to any particular lender or insurance company.

As a result, when you come to us for your loan or insurance requirements, our full focus will be on getting you the best possible deal. Our car loan experts are highly experienced, and they have in-depth knowledge of the loan and insurance markets. This expertise ensures we will find you the best deal for your circumstances, while also providing you with expert advice and information.

We handle the tricky loan and insurance applications too, including loan applications where you have a poor credit history. Just because you have been turned down elsewhere doesn’t mean you’ll be turned down by us. You can apply for insurance or a loan online. We’re also available if you want to speak to one of our advisers. Give us a call today.

How We Work

Here’s what you can expect when you come to us:

  • We’ll listen carefully to your situation and requirements to get a full understanding
  • We’ll give you expert, honest advice on how you should proceed and the help we can provide
  • Your adviser will then thoroughly search the market to find the best products
  • Your adviser will also explain the selected loan or insurance product being recommended to ensure you fully understand what you are getting
  • We’ll help you complete the application form
  • We’ll then liaise with the loan provider or insurance company to work towards a positive outcome

The Finance Broker You Can Depend On

If you are looking for a loan or a new insurance policy, you will know how difficult the process can be. It takes time, and, even then, it’s impossible to know you are getting the best deal. At Link Finance, we are an expert finance broker, so we can do all the hard work for you. We are fully registered and have a team of hard-working, dedicated, and experienced advisers skilled at helping customers find the right loan or insurance product. We’ll spend time to fully understand your requirements, and we’ll provide expert advice and information. When searching the market for the loan product or insurance policy you need, we’ll search all lenders and insurance providers. We can do this because we are fully independent, giving you confidence that we are acting in your interests and your interests alone. Once we’ve found the right product, we’ll help you prepare and submit your application. With a 90 percent loan approval rating and many thousands of satisfied insurance customers, you can depend on the quality of our service.

The Link Finance Difference

  • Wide range of loan products including car loans, bad credit car loans, personal loans, and business loans
  • Wide range of automotive insurance products including comprehensive car insurance, GAP insurance, and breakdown insurance
  • We’re friendly, understanding, and we’ll listen to your requirements
  • We’ll do all the hard work, searching lenders or insurance providers to find the best deal
  • We’re also here if you need to ask a question or would like to get more information

Speak to One of Our Experts

We’re here and ready to help with all your loan and insurance needs. Give us a call on 0800 11 77 86 to speak with one of our experts.

Link Finance is a registered Financial Services Provider (FSP No 349026.)