GAP Insurance

GAP Insurance

Bridging The GAP

Gap Insurance Covers The Difference

Discover a Crucial Protection: Gap Insurance. In the unfortunate event of your loaned vehicle being declared a total loss, there can be a disparity between your comprehensive insurance payout and the remaining loan amount. Link Finance Gap Insurance steps in to cover this shortfall, ensuring you’re not left with unexpected financial burdens.

With Link Finance Gap Insurance, bridge the gap between your Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance payment and your outstanding loan, providing a safety net in times of total loss.

As an extra layer of support, Link Finance Customer Care Package also extends a financial benefit of up to $5,000, directly linked to your loan contract. Safeguard your loans and drive with confidence, knowing you have comprehensive coverage and added financial security.

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Understanding Gap Insurance

There are various reasons why the balance on your car loan ends up being more than an insurance company pays out in the event of a claim.

One of the most common is where you add extras onto your car loan at the time of making the purchase. This includes registration fees, stamp duty, dealer delivery, and vehicle insurance costs. None of these things add any value to the car, so they can cause a difference between the loan value and what the car is worth. Sometimes this difference can be substantial.

Another common reason for shortfalls to occur is simply because of the accrued interest on your car loan and the depreciation in the value of your car. When you combine these two factors, you can end up owing more on your loan than the car is worth.

Benefits of Link Finance GAP Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

Gap Insurance, or Guaranteed Asset Protection Insurance, covers the difference between your comprehensive insurance payout and the amount you owe to your loan company in the event of a total loss.

If your financed vehicle is declared a total loss, there can be a shortfall between your insurance payout and the remaining finance amount. Gap Insurance protects you from shouldering this financial burden.

Yes, Gap Insurance is specifically designed for vehicles with an outstanding loans balance. It becomes crucial when there is a financial disparity in the event of a total loss.

Yes, Gap Insurance is typically a separate policy. You can obtain it to complement your comprehensive insurance for comprehensive coverage.

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In the unfortunate event of a total loss due to theft or an accident involving your car, our GAP insurance includes a customer care package valued at a maximum of $5,000. This package comes into effect with a valid and approved claim, offering additional financial support during challenging times. Link Finance commitment is to provide comprehensive protection, ensuring that you not only bridge the financial gap with our insurance but also receive valuable assistance through our customer care package.

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