Who does not want to own a boat and explore the water bodies? Whether the lake behind your house or the seaside, a boat is a perfect way to enjoy quality time with your family, friends, or alone. Boat buyers can even earn money from it. However, buying a boat can be pretty expensive, but it’s worth it since you can have a home away from home.

Link Finance helps you live that dream by providing marine loans to boat buyers like you. And here is the bonus! 10 tips for you if you’re a boat buyer who wants to buy a boat in New Zealand

1. Select the boat that goes with your needs

Buying a boat in New Zealand can be exhilarating, but make sure the idea does not sway you and end up buying a boat that does not fit your needs. Ask yourself questions: Why do you want to buy a boat? What activities do you want to do, like fishing or sailing through the waters, or if you plan to earn money by commercializing it? 

2. Make sure how much money you can invest 

Before buying a boat in New Zealand, ensure how much money you can invest. If you buy a new boat, it may cost you more. However, a new boat needs less care. You can opt for a boat loan if you are low on budget. Used boats are also a good alternative for beginners. 

3. Sea Trial is essential

A sea trial is crucial before buying a new or used boat. Sea trial under experienced personnel helps you assess the “seaworthiness” of your boat. It helps you check the machinery and structure of the boat. Sea trials can be risky; ensure you’re taking experienced personnel’s help.

Boat customers must prepare themselves for a life full of thrill and excitement.

4. Consider the Boat’s Storage

Boat buyers often don’t consider boat storage while buying a boat. Determining where you would store your boat beforehand can make a big difference. Different boat storage types are available; you should check what kind of storage is convenient for you. Make sure that you find yourself a secure storage facility nearby. 

5. Take boating courses

If you’re new to boating, there are many things for you to learn. You can rent a boat before buying a boat for training purposes. However, ensure you get a driver’s license before riding a boat. Learning basic boating terminology and functions can help you maintain your boat and follow safety when on the waters.   

6. Insurance is important 

Since a boat is an expensive depreciating asset, make sure you insure your boat against any unforeseen circumstances like theft or damage. Boat insurance covers accidental damage and occupants, third-party damage, and storm damage. 

7. Maintenance Schedule for Boat Buyers

Maintaining your boat is necessary if you want it to have a long life. You can learn basic practices for better boat maintenance. Remember, neglecting the boat maintenance can cost you your safety. Besides, regular boat maintenance ensures your boat’s consistency, power, speed, and low fuel consumption. 

8. Reliable Boat Broker

If you’re considering buying a boat, make sure you have a reliable boat dealer. Try to buy your boat from a reputed dealer and negotiate the price. If you don’t have any idea, you can research more about boat dealerships or take the help of a mediator. 

9. Inspection of the boat 

If you’re buying a used boat, make sure you’re checking its functionality & parts correctly. Don’t forget to check all the legal requirements for the boat. If you’re new, it is better to take the help of a professional while purchasing a used boat. For the new boat or engine, you can also check if there is any warranty. 

10. If you are a boat customer, prepare for the worst. 

It may sound daunting, but sailing on waters can be challenging and full of surprises; that’s why you must prepare for the worst. Ensure you have a first aid kit, thermal clothing, floating devices, fire extinguisher, whistle, and other emergency equipment on your boat. Boat buyers must be prepared for the worst.

Link Finance is here to help boat buyers. 

Make sure that you’re considering every aspect before buying your dream boat. Link Finance can help you finance a boat (whether for personal or commercial use) in New Zealand. If you’re looking for a boat loan, you can consult with experts at Link Finance or apply online. We are always happy to help you. 

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