Getting a Work Visa Car Loan Approved in New Zealand:

Your One-Stop Shop for New Migrant Car Finance


Moving to a new country is an exciting adventure but comes with challenges. For new migrants in New Zealand, securing a reliable car to navigate unfamiliar roads can be daunting, especially when faced with the catch-22 situation of needing finance but lacking a credit history. At Link Finance, we understand the struggles faced by new migrants, and we are here to help you overcome these hurdles. We have assisted hundreds of new migrants with their first car loan, making us your one-stop shop for work visa car finance, work visa car loans, and new migrant car loans.

The Catch-22 Situation:

As a new migrant in New Zealand, you have worked hard to obtain your work visa and relocate your entire family to a new country. However, when financing a car, you might be in a frustrating catch-22 situation. Traditional lenders often require a finance or credit history before approving a loan, but as a newcomer, you may not have had the chance to build that history yet. This can make it challenging to secure the necessary funds for a reliable car, which you need for your daily commute and to establish your life in New Zealand.

Understanding Your Frustration:

We empathize with your frustration and acknowledge your efforts to start a new life in New Zealand. At Link Finance, we believe in considering the full story rather than holding one aspect against you. We understand that you are more than just a credit score or a financial history – you are someone who has embarked on a new journey with determination and ambition.

Our Approach – Easy Car Loan Approval: Our philosophy has always been to support new migrants by offering a simple and accessible car loan approval process. We believe owning a reliable vehicle should not be an unreachable dream for those who meet certain criteria. If you are a work visa holder and meet a few straightforward requirements, we can get you on the road with an easy car loan.

  1. 20% Deposit: We require a 20% deposit towards the car’s purchase price to demonstrate your commitment. This down payment also helps to reduce the overall loan amount, making it more manageable for you.
  2. Foreign Driver’s License or NZ Driver’s License: Whether you possess a foreign driver’s license or have already obtained a New Zealand driver’s license, we can work with either to facilitate the loan approval process.
  3. Signed Employment Agreement: A signed employment agreement is crucial, as it signifies your stable source of income, assuring us that you can meet the loan repayment obligations.

Conclusion: At Link Finance, we believe in empowering new migrants in New Zealand by providing them with the means to own a reliable car – an essential aspect of settling into their new life. We take pride in helping hundreds of new migrants secure their first car loan, and we are committed to being your go-to partner for work visa car finance, work visa car loans, and new migrant car loans.

Don’t let the lack of a credit history deter you from getting the car you need. With our understanding approach and straightforward criteria, we are here to make your car ownership dreams a reality. Take the first step towards a smoother, more independent life in New Zealand by contacting us at Link Finance. Let us help you navigate the roads of this beautiful country with confidence!

[Disclaimer: This blog post is for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice. Readers are encouraged to consult a financial advisor to assess their situation.]